pragmatic cpr

Interesting article from the news pile today…

Skip the Mouth-to-Mouth, Hands-Only CPR OK, Experts Say,2933,344212,00.html

    So, what do you think?  If you were to keel over with a heart attack or something, would you want someone just compressing your heart with no life-giving, oxygenated blood making its way to your heart…brain…and other vital organs?  Granted, with this approach, you are more likely to find someone willing to make some effort towards helping you out, but would it save your life?

    It seems here that the idea is to offer a pragmatic approach to CPR that will remove the obstacle of mouth to mouth breathing that many people are intimidated by.  So, don’t do the mouth to mouth…just do the heart compressions….and maybe that will be enough.  Maybe.  And at least now more people will consider doing CPR, afterall something is better than nothing.

    Maybe the experts are right about some of the issues, but will this approach save lives or just get more people involved…participating?

    We need to be careful.  Our culture may embrace pragmatism to a fault, but we ought to tread very carefully here.  Doing something that ‘works’ is a great thing…if it’s the right thing.  What we include and exclude from our conversation/teaching/preaching must not be determined by what we think ‘works’ but rather by a ‘whole counsel’ receiving/instruction from the word of God.   And what we include and exclude from our approach to the doing/style/method of ministry can’t simply be based on a pragmatic response to our culture…it must also be the right way of carrying out the Great Commission. 

    We have a great example to follow.  Jesus Christ.  His way, His message, His life. 

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2 Responses to pragmatic cpr

  1. gamk9 says:

    Hey Tim, I really enjoy your thoughts and insights into God’s wrod. You always make me stop and think, which is something that is very importnat for us as christians to do. I have joined this blog world so I can keep looking into God’s word with you. Thanks again for taking action on what you felt God telling you to do and sharing His words and thoughts with us. Gwen

  2. TimWitten says:

    I agree Gwen…stirring one another up…encouraging one another with the very words of God is important and I hope that this new ‘vehicle’ will further support that.

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