blogging vs journaling…that is my question?

I’ve indicated previously that this whole blogging thing seemed to me a good vehicle for writing out the thoughts going about in my head.  But I do often find myself wondering if there is also a precious benefit to private journaling as I do the ‘working’ through of my thinking.  Once its out there, its hard to change…take back…undo. 

So far, I haven’t felt compelled to ‘repent’ of any thoughts I’ve shared, but more recently I’m finding that some of the issues that I am chewing on have not settled down enough to put out for open access.  Even with blogging, I feel that I must be careful to think and listen well, before I speak as it were. 

Though blogging is a personal expression, there is a responsibility for posing something that I haven’t yet settled to some degree in my own mind.  Because I tend to blog (at this point in time, anyway) about what I understand God through His word and spirit to be saying with respect to various issues I bump up against in relationships, church and culture, I find expression of my thoughts bound to be faithful and accountable to truthful accurate commentary.  There is no freedom of expression if my expression may wrongly imprison, injure or mislead the listener.

Perhaps I need to create (finally) my own personal journal.  I don’t know why I resist.  I think to myself all the time…I talk to myself frequently…yes…quietly 😉 ; why not just write it down?  While blogging forces me to put some things into concrete expression (which I find to be a good practice), perhaps a personal journal will leave some freedom for me to ‘wait patiently’ while continuing to think/listen with respect to some of these unresolved, not-yet-fruitbearing considerations.

So, for those bloggers and journalers who have already wrestled here…speak forth.  Any pearls of wisdom or disaster stories?

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