What is it we ‘sheep’ do?

As I read on this 23rd day of May, the 23rd Psalm, the question I responded with is ‘so then, what do I (the sheep) do?

I love the first declaration David makes…”The LORD is my shepherd”.  David, the young responsible courageous shepherd boy, reflects and from his understanding declares…”The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.”  I am the shepherd of these dumb defenseless sheep…the LORD is the Shepherd of me.  My sheep have no lack…no want…no worries…I take care of all their needs — the LORD protects and provides perfectly for me.

He, the LORD, makes me lie down in green pastures…He, the LORD, leads me beside still waters…He, the LORD, restores my soul…He, the LORD, leads me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

So…what is it that “I” do?  The question almost seems pointless.  If the LORD does all this…what is left to be done?

“Even though I walk…”  Ohhh, there it is…that’s what I do…”I walk”.  I follow where He leads; I lay down and meditate…feed, in the green pastures He brings me to; I rest and drink from the waters He leads me beside; I get restored; I am led along paths of righteousness for His name’s sake…His purpose…His delight…His glory.

He, the LORD, acts…I respond.  He, the LORD, provides…I receive.  He, the LORD, protects…I am saved.  He, the LORD, honors me…I am humbled.  He, the LORD, establishes me forever…‘and I shall dwell in the house of the LORD forever.”    (Psalm 23)

All this the LORD, my Shepherd, does.  What does He receive?  What does a sheep provide for the shepherd?

*ADDED – I’m linking to another blog that just helped in setting a sweet focus on the phrase also here in Psalm 23:3, ‘for His name’s sake’…check it out.  Psalm 106:6,8 blog

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One Response to What is it we ‘sheep’ do?

  1. cavman says:

    we follow where He leads, and delight in all He does.

    Like the new look. Easier on the eyes.

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