here’s a way to show LOVE in any language

I haven’t even gotten started myself…but I don’t want to wait.  I’ll tell you more about it as I get more involved in the actual ‘work’.  I am speaking of the ministry of Open Source Mission and their Gospel Translations project. 


Maybe that’s true.  I speak only English and so I didn’t see how I might help…but it seems I can!  Who can’t do ‘cut and paste’?  If you have a computer hooked to the internet…yes, that would be YOU 😉 , then you have most of what you need already.  The other part you need is a desire to see many of the valuable teaching resources that you and I might take for granted, made available to others around the world.

I will be doing cutting and pasting of english text into a wiki format.  Others, who can translate into various languages will be doing what they are able to do.  In the end, many solid bible-based teaching resources will be made available for free in a multitude of languages for the equipping of the saints around the world!  Cool, right!?

So go check out these links…set fear and time constraints aside and consider doing something to help.  Five minutes here and there throughout the day…a twenty minute block of time while the food cooks in the oven…cool down time after a vigorous workout…the ‘reason’ you needed to shut off the TV and do something with eternal value??   Anyway…I’m just getting started, but I know others who are in the midst of it and loving the opportunity to help our brothers and sisters around the world.  Go…see what’s been done already…it’s awesome!  and then jump in!

If you have questions or want to know more…Ask!  If you are involved in this already, drop a comment on your experience/involvement.

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