just thinking about today… July 18, 2008

As the eve of vacation cools down (it’s been a rather hot day) and as the family prepares for a two week vacation, we’ve had a little bit of memory making events today.

At work, a retired employee stopped by (she was married to my boss of many years, Alan Saunders.  Alan died several months ago and Linda is now a widow for the second time in her life).  It was great to see her.  She has gotten back involved in a church…I pray that the Lord opens her eyes to Truth.

Beloved friends were spending some time at our home when I arrived from work.  At some point their young son made his way up the ladder and jumped into the pool…alone.  Thank God for loud splashes.  I am still thinking through that event.  It was impressive to see ‘mom and dad’ explode into action!  Track records hold nothing on a motivated parent pursuing the safety of their young.  It reminds me of how great the Father’s love is for His children.  Phinehas will live another day…and by God’s grace will deliver the sword again in a timely manner.

Next…the call from above…Tim! (my desk is in the basement…hey, that’s where Tozer got his start.)  “There’s a HUGE bear eating the Davis’s garbage”…I’m always up for a bear visit.  And I wasn’t disappointed…it was a good size bear.  I must say I haven’t seen much of these hulks lately, especially at 6pm…but the garbage cans were out…and full…maybe the garbage collectors didn’t feel like collecting on such a hot day.  As this bear proceeded to make a mess, a few of us less politically correct folks (for NJ anyway) pulled out our pellet guns to  ‘gently’ shoo him away.  He got the point.

Tomorrow.  Vacation begins…I think.  Two weeks.  I’m 47 and all I can remember is a two week honeymoon…which was truly awesome. (did I say awesome?  I meant to say WOW…grin…I did marry the most incredible gift to man btw)  I don’t think I’ve ever gotten away for more than a week here or there.  Everyone has commented recently, how two weeks really makes the difference in a vacation…time to wind down…relax…rest…  And all I keep thinking is ‘what am I gonna do?’  LOL.

I  will treasure the next two weeks…day by day, intentionally.  The missions team is heading out from church even as I head out somewhat earlier in the day…powered by a 1200cc engine and lots of air!!…Freedom! Yeah!…I’m taking my bike and heading North to the Adirondacks.  My family will follow in the truck.  We’ll meet again in God’s  country…there’s a reason for mountaintops!!!  My heart has been captured, in a sense, by the Adirondacks in NY state.  I’ve been to the Rockies… and they are much more Grand…but since childhood, I have camped in the black soil of the Adirondack mountains (Go Northern Frontier! – a camp for boys becoming men) …rump-bumped down the rapids of the upper Hudson River…enjoyed the cold fresh water…fought off the HUGE mosquito birds that land on your arm and suck you dry!!!  Its all part of the charm ;).  I’ve never wintered there…which means I’ve never been there between October and June – GRIN! 

BUT… AND…  what will all this matter?  why do I or should I take a two week ‘vacation’?  Am I AWOL?   Am I on leave?

I think of my nephew serving in the Middle East…no vacation…no reprieve.  I think of my brother’s friend, Eric Daniel Terhune, taken by the enemy’s fire…  Jimmy, my prayers are with you…and your little one back home.

I don’t take vacation lightly.  I have to train.  There are so many things that the ‘saints’ from past centuries have passed on, that I must hear.  I am so hungry to hear from my brother Tozer…I have such an affinity for his teaching….and then there is my dear older brother John Piper who has searched out the wonderful sanctification of Jonathan Edwards….I look forward to some really wonderful times of rejoicing in Truth that he has mined for.  Did I mention (for the whetting of your own appetite..J I Packer. – I can’t help it… I have the impression of a stodgey old guy…embellishing on the old language – BUT!!! I know better…I have ready and waiting, a precious book entitled “KNOWING GOD”!!!!!!!  That is really ALL I want!!!! (and for those who are interested in what ‘Knowing God’ is about…ask Mike Ruel..he has gotten there already.)

For you who have read this far….I am a simple fleshly man.  BUT, and it is a life-changing BUT!…I now…NOW…never before salvation, but NOW…  HUNGER passionately…voraciously for His Word…His truth…HIM! 

When I write…I suppose I like to appear well thought out…intelligent…worth listening to.  But, today…on the eve of vacation, I simply hope for me and you…that we would faithfully, daily, with steadfast endurance…pursure knowing our God.  Our eternity depends…describes…and is delivered in it.

Do you love God….like you ‘love’ your life?  Don’t hide.  Where are your affections, currently?  Do they need to be changed? 

If your answer is Yes, then DANCE!  TREMBLE!  The God of Creation is perfectly in control.  AND, He will bring to completion a perfect work that HE has started.  Simply…pay attention..don’t drift…don’t be careless…You are (or are NOT) a Soldier in the Lord’s Army.

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2 Responses to just thinking about today… July 18, 2008

  1. adkkid1973 says:

    Hey Tim! thanks for the comments on my blog! It is great to see you heart here on yours! If you come by any must read books, let me know! I’m always up for a life changing read!


  2. cavman says:

    i’m thinking the reason you love the Adirondacks is precisely because you’ve never wintered there. 2 weeks is more than enough for me.

    Sorry we missed you … we fly up Tues.

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