borrowed blog…’Just as He is…’

I caught the following quote on a friend’s blog and appreciated the caution to guard against idolatry and to be working out my salvation with fear and trembling according to God’s Word and not, perhaps, the latest self-help sermon.

I will never have God in my pocket…He will never be a passenger in my back seat…and He most certainly will never be my co-pilot.  He is GOD!  I am His possession…purchased with the blood of Jesus Christ, God’s son.

The quote is below and here is the link to the blog, ‘Thoughts from the Teahouse’

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Just as He is…

“Everyone wants God to take them just as they are; but no one wants to take God just as He is. Modern evangelicals, in particular, commit blasphemy against God and stumble headlong into idolatry by spending more time examining their personal experiences — trying to make sure God belongs to them — and less time examining the Scriptures to make sure they belong to Him.”

– Alex Burroughs 

HT: Truth Matters

Thanks Lisa…I am blessed by your blog today.

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