the daily bread…

Hah, you might be thinking you’re about to get some sort of commentary about that little devotional booklet called ‘Our Daily Bread’….nope.

This morning on the drive to work, which was preceded by a good start last night of getting into bed by about 9pm (rarely happens) and then “enjoying” the kids and their friends as they decided that the swimming pool was ‘not too cold’ and that they would start making the most of their dwindling summer vacation outside my bedroom window and then a wakeup at 2am with a rather intense headache (which thankfully doesn’t happen often anymore) and a late rise this morning which also led to a missed time in God’s Word and brief shave and shower and a ‘no coffee’ start out the driveway, I decided to stop for a coffee at a deli called ‘The Daily Bread’.  I’ve not frequented this place, though I’ve heard they are a few notches above the typical deli as far as quality of product.

As I stepped through the door, I saw a sign on the counter that caught my attention. 

SPECIAL!! Bagel sandwich with cream cheese, lox and fresh dill.  (I won’t tell you how ‘special’ the price was..ouch!)

I have always heard of a ‘bagel and lox’, but I’ve never seen anybody order one.  I happen to love smoked salmon…along with most fish and seafood, raw and/or cooked.  So, this morning I stepped up to the counter and indicated my curious interest in their special.  The fellow behind the counter was obviously proud of their offering…and I think he enjoyed the process of describing with salivating detail what he would be treating me to with the ready suggestion that an ‘everything’ bagel would be the most suitable choice for this alimentary delight.

Having just set back after finishing the first half of this delectable sandwich…I felt the need to pause and enjoy it again, beyond my taste buds… and to register this event – my first bagel w/ cream cheese and lox – in my mind and memory.  Yummmmm!

Here’s to hoping for a repeat performance!

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2 Responses to the daily bread…

  1. adkkid1973 says:

    Tim, I can honestly say I have never read a blog post about bagels!

  2. TimWitten says:

    HaHa…see, there’s a first time for everything. This was the first blog I ever ‘wrote’ about bagels 😉
    and…if you had enjoyed the one I had this morning you would have gone home from work, logged onto your blog and wrote about it!! It was that good! LOL
    …I’m still working on the spiritual application for this ‘life lesson’ …grin.

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