Worship…or worship hype?

Today an ‘Adirondack photoging facebooker’ friend took my attention to a new worship cd/dvd by Gateway Worship called ‘Wake Up the World’.  I took a quick look around to find out if it was a cd I would enjoy.  I saw a YouTube clip was available so I took a look.

My following thoughts are not intended to comment on, criticize, or commend Gateway Worship or this new cd.  But it did hit the power button on my mind and I started questioning and thinking about this whole big entity called WORSHIP.

First, I love music.  No problems there, and I’m pretty flexible with music style…though head-banging is mostly a thing of the past…it was only ever a small corner of my garden.  Second, I love the psalms.  They call me to worship in many various ways…some quiet or even silent and some with loud shouts and crashing noise!  Even my whole body is called into worship through dance.  (see my new book entitled “Two-Steppin Worship for the Cowboy in You”). Third, I long for good storytelling, so genres of music that facilitate storytelling are readily embraced, folk and country music and yes, rap too (though mostly for the sake of my son ;).  Fourth, worship is not ‘about’ me; it is about ‘my God and King’, so my preferences need to be willingly and readily set aside in order for any and all to worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth.

With these ground rules laid, I’m left wondering, ‘Is the worship in the church today Worship or worship-hype?  I confess, the whole ‘stage’ thing bothers me, the professionalism (not to be confused with the offering of our best) concerns me…at least in the visual sense.  When I ‘view’ worship with my eyes, I see alot of ‘performance’ and that leaves me empty in spirit.  I’ve also ‘seen’ worship take place in such wonderful frameworks of even an interview with a christian musician.  (http://boss.streamos.com/wmedia/emicmg/newsongcafe/video/wma/300/0313.wvx ).

My contribution to worship in church is to run the screen.  When called upon, I prompt the computer to fill the screen with pictures and words to lead the congregation in song and sermon.  I’m often left distracted from the message, the song, the focus of why I’m there.  Am I worshipping?  hmmm?  Am I free to follow the Spirit if He leads me to ponder a word, verse or passage in the scriptures?

With that slight diversion, let’s come back to the question of worship.  Do you worship the Lord in spirit and truth?  When you attend a ‘worship service’ or a ‘worship gathering’ or a ‘worship concert’…are you led to focus on the perfection…beauty…power…majesty…WONDER!!! of Almighty GOD?

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One Response to Worship…or worship hype?

  1. adkkid1973 says:

    Thanks for that post Tim. That is something I have been putting some thought into as well. I find that I have to close my eyes to worship when the “show” is on. At my old church they spent a lot of time making the worship time just perfect. We need to be all about the Gospel of Christ and I am afraid that in our society, that tends to net be entertaining enough to keep our short attention spans! Indeed a sad truth! The entertainment thing is a topic for another discussion! Peace!

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