The Cross Movement

Sometimes the benny of blogging is just to pass along other ‘good’ things.  As I get introduced to other things (be it music, teaching or commentary) and have to consider ‘is this a good thing or is it a bad thing’ I find a few that I want to pass on because they’ve opened me up beyond where I am generally wanting to go.

Music is one of those areas.   And as my children mature and their tastes change, I’ve got to watch over these influences in their lives and help them discern…is this good?  or is this bad?  Is this true or is it false?

Rap/Hip Hop is not my bent usually…though I do enjoy it’s story-telling ability.  It is a genre that my son enjoys and so I ‘listen’.  This group I’ve youtubed below is one a friend of mine just told me about and as I’m listening, I like what I see/hear in the focus and content of their music.  My son hasn’t picked up on this group yet, so maybe I’ll be able to bless him with some variety .

LOL, he held us back a bit from leaving for church yesterday morning while he finished up a cd mix of music.  When we turned it up in the van and listened for a bit…my wife and I joked about Luke’s idea of a ‘mix’.  It was all the same group…just songs from different albums.  I guess he was right…technically. 😉

If you or yours enjoys this genre, you might want to give a listen…it might also give you something to encourage the youth in your circle of influence that listen to the ‘dark side’ of hip hop with something that brings the focus to Jesus Christ.  (see similar previous blog on this site re Lecrae, Relevance – “son…what are you listening to?”).


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