Waiting at Psalm 119:27

Daily I rise early and find my way to the basement, to my desk via the coffee maker in the kitchen.  Its dark…quiet and its a really good time to listen.  I’ve been making my way through the Psalms now for a while reading..thinking..praying through them chapter by chapter.  This chapter, Psalm 119, I will spend more than a few days on.

The other day a verse from my reading sort of stopped me, verse 27.  “Make me understand the way of your precepts, and I will meditate on your wondrous works.”  Initially, I read right past it, but found that I couldn’t just go on.  When that happens, I try to pay attention.  What is it my LORD is speaking to me here in verse 27? 

At first glance it should be pretty simple…I pray for understanding and I meditate on God’s word…and then I move on.  That is normally how I think and respond.  I’ve been reading a book ‘The Pursuit of GOD’ by A.W. Tozer and have just finished a chapter entitled ‘The Speaking Voice’.  Its one of those times where the lights seem to be going on and shining on new thoughts/considerations for me.

Make me (Lord, if You don’t reveal it, I won’t see it) understand the way of your precepts (Lord, is it not just the precept that you want to give me but perhaps the way of, the reason, the flow, the purpose, the Person behind the precept?  Are you calling me in, beyond the rent veil, to your very Presence to speak to me and fellowship with me today?) and I will (okay Lord, this is now something I participate in right?) meditate on your wondrous works (..truth Lord?  Its hard to meditate.  It takes time to settle in and consider/listen to what you’re saying.  I know I say that you are my greatest Treasure but I often find it difficult to wait patiently on you to speak.  My day is so full of things I need to do…like right now…I’ve got to get going with all those other things in my day…it seems I don’t have time to meditate…and so “truth”?…I don’t.  I don’t come into the holy of holies, into your Presence, past the rent veil.  You’ve torn the veil in two, but I simply dally around the tabernacle even when I know I should be running straight past the torn veil.

Meditate on your wondrous works.  I am considering today that as the Lord reveals, gives understanding, in the way of His precepts He is sharing truth with me about who He is.  He must reveal that or I won’t see it.  AND, perhaps “as I go through my day” (not ‘put my day on hold’ while I read/meditate) I might start to hear His ‘speaking voice’ that reveals, confirms, magnifies and glorifies this revelation in the wondrous works all around me where He speaks in the present by His word…written and by His word…being spoken in the present. 

It seems to add a lot of meat to the bones of commands like ‘rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.’  IN my circumstances…in the midst of my day…right there in the middle of my daily activity…I am still invited to be IN the holy of holies, presently with and presently listening to the voice of my Shepherd King and responding in rejoicing, prayer and thanksgiving! 

Doesn’t that just seem rather ‘Heavenly’ to you?

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