‘Skunked’ all the wiser

I am thankful to God for the lessons He teaches others and I am praying, even right now, that I would truly listen and learn from them…before He needs to use a ‘skunk’ to get my attention.  There will be a time when that thought will bring a smile and when this blog that I refer you to will bring a smile, but right now I think I’m hearing some rather direct exhorting counsel to be alert “pay attention son!”

I can get real creative in my mind.  If I don’t stay grounded on God’s word, my thoughts will create endless stories and scenarios, where life is carried out according to Tim and somehow I end up being the one glorified.  Sadly and deceptively, I can create really good storylines where ‘I’ truly accomplish ‘good’ in this world.  When ‘I’ and ‘good’ are joined as one in my thinking…its pretty clear that I have gone back to the wickedness of my flesh and asserted my desire to be god again.

I hope any of you reading will go to this blog and listen.  You may need to go because you are the main character in your fantasy or you may need to go because, at the moment, you’re the unaware stumbling stone or you may even be that ‘too curious’ dog that brings the lesson home.  You may simply want to listen and get understanding so that you can continue to walk in faith and wisdom, keeping your gaze on the only One who can meet your need and the only One who is worthy of glory…King Jesus.


Thanks Kim, for a rather vulnerable and especially helpful blog for all of us on this side of Glory.

Grace and peace.

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