“I am yours; save me,”

Psalm 119:89-96

Forever, O LORD…Father you are eternal and your word is eternal.  Your word is true and unchanging.  You speak and you keep speaking, your faithfulness has been manifested throughout time and eternity.  You are sovereign and attentive to all things so that you might receive all glory from all things at all times ‘for all things are your servants.’

Without You, Father, without your word, I could not live; I would have no joy… no hope.  My sin and the wickedness that surrounds me would have overwhelmed me and I would have likely died as a result or even taken my own life to escape a godless existence.  But again, Father God, YOU ARE eternal and you are omnipresent; there is no where that You aren’t presently and powerfully and so I cannot escape or exist apart from your Reality, for the very world and body and breath that I exist in are yours.

Creator King, it is by your very word that I exist; my life comes from your word.  So I cherish your word, I delight to live in and by your word.  This is where my joy comes from…this is what I hope in… Your Word.  Creation is subject to its Creator and so, Sovereign Savior, I exist for your glory and I, as well as all things, am your servant.

I am Yours…save me.  Amen.

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