Is God for Us or for Himself?

God is not silent.

I hear Him as I cry out for salvation,

I hear Him as I hope in His word,

I hear Him as I cast my anxieties on Him,

I hear Him as I plead for mercy and understanding,

God speaks.

This season in my life seems to be one of continued revelation of God – who He is- and revelation of man – who I am.  One lifts me up to joyful heights of praise and the other kills my flesh.  The ongoing increasing revelation of my God – HOLY HOLY HOLY – and my complete need and utter emptiness apart from His filling renewing saving life in me.

The manifestation of this is a blog that cries for mercy as I consider man… sin… my need; and rejoices to declare the truth that it is ALL about God.  There is no place on His throne for me, except for the wonderful grace that I am in Him and He is in me…wonder of wonders, this hope of Glory.

Here is more sharing of His testimonies…so read, rejoice, re-tell the old old story of Jesus and His love.

This is a sermon given at Wheaton College Chapel in October of 1984 by John Piper entitled “Is God for Us or for Himself?”  It’s only twenty-one minutes long if you listen online or download it (free, always free at Desiring or you can read it here as well.

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One Response to Is God for Us or for Himself?

  1. adkkid1973 says:

    it is awesome to think that “this season” in life never has to change. I know that it will, but the truths of God are so infinate that we could meditate on them forever! I love that we can focus on gospel and know that it is inexhaustable! Beautiful! Praise God! Amen!

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