Election Day…yesterday

It seems that being slow to speak is an appropriate consideration for me in recent days.  I am thankful for the steadfast love of God and His providence.  I cannot avoid the Reality of His voice and I am learning to trust more fully in the promise and provision of His word.  And, I have been blessed to hear from many others in these days. 

I post the following quote from a friend’s blog and a link so that you may pursue it as you consider that we now know more today than we did yesterday concerning God’s plan for you and I, our country and the world.

“… God not only ordains ends but also commands and ordains means… The fact that God ordains means ensures that our actions have significance. The ordained outcome can never be seen as an excuse for complacency or fatalism.”

This quote is from a gentleman by the name of Justin Taylor…I borrowed it from Lisa’s blog ‘Thoughts from the Teahouse’.  Go and enjoy a greater context there.


Peace be within you.

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