Are you becoming the person you most want to be?

Are you rejoicing and giving thanks to God today that you look and smell more like Jesus Christ than you did yesterday…a month ago….last year?

Or…Have you started to look like a tv, sports field, office, fitness mogul..?

Idolatry just seems to be a word that we dismiss without thought.  Afterall, there are no statues on our mantel or shrines in our homes that we go to daily and often to worship… to ascribe value and worth to.   Right?   Well, that box enshrined in that nice piece of furniture or that sleek ‘thin’ value-reflector that hangs on the wall just might be something you want to give more thought to, but that’s not exactly where my thoughts are at the moment.

So, let’s not use the word idolatry.  What if we used the phrase ‘false treasure’ or ‘earthly affections’?  What are the things in our lives that define us?  What would our wives, husbands, kids, neighbors, coworkers say ‘characterize’ us or are most important to us in the degree to which we are given over to them?

Psalm 135:18  ‘Those who make them become like them, so do all who trust in them!’

What have you become like?  Where…what do you worship?  What do you treasure…ascribe glory to…give your life (thoughts, time, money, resources, family) to?  If you are tempted to take misplaced values lightly, give attention to Ezekiel 14 regarding those who ‘have taken their idols into their hearts, and set the stumbling block of their iniquity before their faces.’

Rather than becoming like our idols, let’s bless the Lord!  You who fear the LORD, bless the LORD!  Let’s follow Christ, let’s pursue godliness, let’s rejoice and live in the joy of our Salvation today. 

By your grace and mercy Lord, may we look and smell like Jesus Christ more and more.  Amen.

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One Response to Are you becoming the person you most want to be?

  1. adkkid1973 says:

    It is so easy today in this world of consumerism that we live in to take our eyes off Jesus. TV, radio, all pushing the lates and greatest at us, nevermind the sexual imagery. Sometimes brother, I wish I could be somewhere else, somewhere other then the USA, somewhere it actually cost to be a Christian. We have it way too easy here and therefore much harder!

    Here is to keeping the Gospel before our faces and nothing else!

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