You Must Suffer – John Piper

I thank God for faithful brothers and sisters in Christ.  I am grateful for their perseverance in the midst of the same struggles, distractions, obstacles that most of us face daily, some seemingly more than others.

It seems so easy to follow the Star of Bethlehem along with the shepherds and rejoice in the birth of a baby boy…the promised Messiah.  Who wouldn’t?  This is the one prophesied about…the coming King.

Today it does not seem as easy (and it isn’t) to embrace the Truth and follow the Lamb who was slain…to follow the Suffering Servant…the Savior of the World.  It takes something none of us has.  It takes the gift of faith and the power of the crucified and risen Christ to follow Him on a path of suffering that shall lead to an eternal glory.

In the following video, I have to wonder if John Piper is correct.  Is pursuing Christ in America perhaps the most difficult place to crucify ourselves daily and follow our Lord and King?  Again, I am sobered and grateful for a truth-centered re-focusing…one I am finding I need often to combat the distracting enticements that draw my gaze away from the face of my Redeemer.  The Word of God speaks and sharpens the true Reality in my heart. 

My faithful brother at TRUTH MATTERS posted this today and I wish to encourage you to listen and draw close to the One who saves as you crucify yourself so that Christ might live in you.

Jesus Christ came to earth…the God-man…to bear the wrath of God…to make peace with God for my sin…your sin.  Jesus Christ is coming again! …this time to rule and reign for eternity…and He is coming soon!

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