tattooed a Calvinist? ; )

This video just caught my funny bone this morning as I visited a friend’s blog, ‘Thoughts from the Teahouse’.

I may just have to get me that tattoo…what a rich blessing God has been to me through that Minnesotan clay pot!

Here’s another clip for your enjoyment…its been around, but follows well on the heels of the last video.


WARNING – Not for the timid or sensitive. 

…okay, while I’m having a little saturday morning fun…I’ll post this clip too, even though someone will likely ‘choose’ to take offense.  I simply find it easy to laugh a little at the charades that are played by both the Calvinists and the Arminians…though clearly I have ‘no choice’ in these matters. 😉

chuckle or cringe… or laugh at yourself, but in the end when humor is set aside, know what you believe and know Who taught you.  As for me and my house…we elect the only path He leads us on.

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2 Responses to tattooed a Calvinist? ; )

  1. mruel says:

    Ya know…I think my wife is a Calvinist too…she definitely only reads the ESV…and I think her tattoo does say “I ❤ John Piper in Greek!"….

    Amazing, I’m a lucky man!

    Also, I’m baaaadd tooo! ;p

  2. TimWitten says:

    scary huh? my wife just appeared with the same ‘tat’…pretty sweet!

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