She’s Dying…

Listening to someone who is facing adversity of the most difficult kind may give a sense of greater credibility to what they have to say (not always).  In this case I purport it is very true… and I believe that what this young woman communicates is the greatest Truth of all… the Gospel.

She’s Dying

May 19, 2009  |  By: Jon Bloom
Category: Recommendations 

Rachel Barkey is a 37 year-old wife and mother of two who is dying of cancer. She only has weeks to live.

On March 4, she addressed 600 women and in 55 minutes delivered one of the most God-centered, gospel-soaked, honest, moving, and beautiful messages I have heard. I don’t know that Rachel has read John’s article, Don’t Waste Your Cancer, but she is a beautiful example of every point John made.

Check out Rachel’s website where you can watch or download the video and audio. You will not regret the 55 minutes. Very little is more important than the things she says.


I hope you will take time to watch/listen to this woman speak… it may be for you and for someone you know.  Blessings!

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