my son likes rap… christian rap

I love my son.  I care deeply for him and what enters into him and what comes forth from him. 

I was caught off guard and somewhat lost when he started gravitating towards rap music.  I mean… we live in the country.  We are not an urban family.  I bust on him with joyful humor about his ‘taste’ in music. 

But, I was concerned.  What is he going to hear if I allow him to listen to this genre of music?  With joy, I heard the truth of the scriptures being preached in (some) of this music.  There is, in fact, brothers of mine who are declaring… proclaiming… the truth of the Gospel in the music classified as ‘Rap’.

Here’s a supporting message that came from a source that ‘surprised’ me.   I was encouraged that my brother heard Truth in this music style that I am quick to turn down.

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2 Responses to my son likes rap… christian rap

  1. Your son may like this vid (maybe this is one of the artists he listens to):

    It’s a great review of reformed soteriology in rap form!

  2. TimWitten says:

    Thanks! Yes, Shai Linne is one of the guys he listens to, along with Lecrae and some others I don’t know as well… yet. 😉 I’m getting to here them everytime he is in the truck/car with me. grin.

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