She’s Home… rejoicing yet with sorrow

Lisa, from ‘Thoughts from the Teahouse’ just posted this and it brings an update to something I had posted back in May entitled ‘She’s Dying’.  If nothing else, let me encourage you to go and listen to Rachel’s testimony after you’ve read on….

Monday, July 6, 2009

Do you feel so busy that you can barely catch your breath before the next round of activities begins? I have been following the journey of a young woman who has bravely shared her experiences as she is ‘waiting to die’, in her words. Our friend Tim shared this video on Facebook a while back (thanks Tim!). I encourage you to watch it after you read this post by Rachel… To- Do List – and to remember her in prayer as you rush around trying to get your to-do lists checked off.

Edit: As I was looking at Rachel’s site today 7/7 – a box popped up informing us that Rachel’s wait ended on July 2nd. Her testimony endures.

Thanks Lisa for bringing us back to think about our God and His mercy and grace to each of us and how that completely changed the life of Rachel Barkey.  Pray for Rachel’s family and friends as they grieve.  Use the testimony that Rachel boldly and bravely stood up for to boast in her Savior and pray that others would hear the truth of the Gospel in her words and see the grace of the Savior in her life.


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