What is the Church?

Mark Driscoll brings a really good message to the Advance09 conference and he does this subject well.  What is the Church?

This message is a good one, especially for church leadership to sit down and give solid attention to.  My church leadership is currently working through a book by Mark Devers – 9 Marks of a Healthy Church.  It’s giving us some good foundation for discussion and helpful consideration.  It is my hope that this message from Mark Driscoll can add to these considerations for us and perhaps for you as you participate and/or lead in your local church.

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One Response to What is the Church?

  1. mike ruel says:

    great message here.

    some fav quotes:

    1-“its about Jesus, it’s always about Jesus, it’s only about Jesus, if you aren’t about Jesus you should quit”

    2-“we are a band with one song and we just play it until we see Him”

    3-“i’m just the mailman, i don’t write the mail”

    4-[not a quote, just an observation] any and all osteen shots are fair and get extra points in my book

    5-“your people want to know that you believe this. if you don’t you should quit”

    6-“preach with all authority. some say the culture won’t like that. the culture is kindling”

    7-“regeneration is the big issue.”

    thanks, Tim!

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