Do I long for Holiness?

I confess I am not there yet… but by God’s grace and mercy I am on the way.

The Loneliness of Holiness

What a breath of fresh air it is when one’s life experience is validated in the lives and words of the saints of old, who themselves know the different nuances of what it means to walk upon the narrow path of devotion and obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ.

The truly spiritual man is indeed something of an oddity. He lives not for himself but to promote the interests of Another. He seeks to persuade people to give all to his Lord and asks no portion or share for himself. He delights not to be honored but to see his Savior glorified in the eyes of men. His joy is to see his Lord promoted and himself neglcted. He finds few who care to talk about that which is the supreme object of his interest, so he is often silent and preoccupied in the midst of noisy religious shoptalk. For this he earns the reputation of being dull and over serious, so he is avoided and the gulf between him and society widens. He searches for friends upon whose garments he can detect the smell of myrrh and aloes and cassia out of the ivory palaces (see Psalm 45:8), and finding few or none he, like Mary of old, keeps these things in his heart. 

It is this very loneliness that throws him back upon God. ‘Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me’ (Psalm 27:10). His inability to find human companionship drives him to seek in God what he can find nowhere else. He learns in inner solitude what he could not have learned in the crowd—that Christ is All in all, that He is made unto us wisdom, righteousness, sanctification and redemption, that in Him we have and possess life’s summum bonum.” 
A.W. Tozer, The Radical Cross, ch. 6, p. 37
praying for those of you who read and are cut to the quick.
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2 Responses to Do I long for Holiness?

  1. I just read this recently. So wonderful, and stirs up longing within me – longing to be rid of my lack of faithfulness and sincerity and longing to be wholly, lovingly, surrendered to Christ.

  2. TimWitten says:

    Amen brother… I’m with you. This evening I am encouraged by Heb 11-12 and desiring to press on toward holiness and longing that my sole soul satisfaction is and will abide in Christ alone.

    ….giving thanks to God for you brother and for your encouragement. Blessings!

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