Welcome, welcome Jesus…what way soever thou come

I’ve had a chance to enjoy reading from various sources that I don’t often have time for as I am away on vacation with my family.  Here is something from a Puritan brother that I was blessed to think on…

…when you are come to the other side of the water, and have set down your foot on the shore of glorious eternity, and look back again to the waters and to your wearisome journey, and shall see in that clear glass of endless glory nearer to the bottom of God’s wisdom, you shall then be forced to say, ‘If God had done otherwise with me than he hath done, I had never come to the enjoying of this crown of glory’.  It is your part now to believe, and suffer, and hope, and wait on:  for I protest in the presence of that all-discerning eye who knoweth what I write and what I think, that I would not want the sweet experience of the consolations of God for all the bitterness of affliction; nay, whether God come to his children with a rod or a crown, if he come himself with it, it is well.  Welcome, welcome Jesus, what way soever thou come, if we can get a sight of thee.  And sure I am, it is better to be sick, providing Christ come to the bed-side, and draw aside the curtains, and say ‘Courage, I am thy salvation,’ than to enjoy health, being lusty and strong, and never to be visited of God. (excerpt from Letters of Samuel Rutherford)

 Will I welcome adversity, affliction, suffering… do I count it all joy to meet today with trials of various kinds?  Is my perspective a Godward one or am I earthbound in my complaints?  Do I desire a visit from God regardless of whether it be by rod or by crown?

 “…the spouse of Jesus will ever be in the fire; but I trust in my God she shall not consume, because of the good-will of him who dwelleth in the bush, for he dwelleth in it with good-will.” (ibid)

With my brief excursion into this book, I would still recommend it to you… especially as an influence to challenge our thoughts, affections, and surrender in this world; we must fight hard to walk with intention as strangers… aliens, always ready to die and always dying to our flesh in preparation for our glorious face to face with Jesus.  Welcome, welcome Jesus… I want to see You!

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  1. Thank you, that’s a very encouraging word. 🙂

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