Gospel Revival… pray

As we bring ourselves before Jesus Christ and the Gospel and as we bring our church programs before the truth of the Gospel, it would behoove us to ascertain our grip… our understanding of the Gospel and what it is we are called to share with others, even as we preach it to ourselves daily.
Here are three resources among many that you might want to read or to listen.
This is a 10 pg excerpt from D. A. Carson on ‘The Biblical Gospel’.
This link is to a audio message, The Gospel for 11-Year-Olds Plus’.  You can listen on line or download it (free) to listen or burn to a cd to listen to on your commute.  I’ve listened to this numerous times and again yesterday in view of Upward Sunday.
The third item is the book by Jerry Bridges, ‘The Gospel for Real Life‘.  It is well-written and essentially easy to read.  This book is being read by one of the men’s groups starting in October.
Now, this last link I’m choosing to pass on to you was passed on to me yesterday… I listened last night after coming home from our congregational meeting at church.  I was rejoicing in God that He had brought many to pray, that He had brought many… me, to the end of myself and to my knees… to properly and necessarily come to meet Him at the Cross with my need/burden.  This was the context in which I began to listen to this message compilation on revival.  I hope you make the choice to listen.  It is not a sound bite… at least not in the sense of our culture’s idea of a soundbite. (it would likely be considered a soundbite by those of past generations; certainly the Puritans)  The length of this message is almost 36 minutes.  AND, it is full of hope, truth (and yes maybe even some things we might not agree with) but go and hear.  May God give us a passion to pray along these lines of revival in our churches, land and the nations of this world.
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