The Cup – C. J. Mahaney

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2 Responses to The Cup – C. J. Mahaney

  1. robpeck says:

    Thanks for posting this brother. C.J. is so good. He paints such a picture. Only Christ could know what the punishment for our sin would be. He suffered so much for such a worm as I. His plan from the beginning. Thank You Jesus!

  2. TimWitten says:

    Rob, I am so fully convinced that God directs our steps. His word is clear, yet often we are timid to believe in something beyond our own senses. Even my perceived wisdom often constrains my willingness to follow my Savior down paths that conflict with erroneous teaching from the past.
    God is Sovereign and it is in this I rest. In God’s mighty power and omniscience, He ordains what is best… He knows when and where I will choose to fail/sin and He prevails to steer me into the Truth! PRAISE GOD! This Wonderful Savior gives me life and continues to breathe into my lungs… LIFE… TRUTH…SALVATION. This is the only Savior that is able to sustain me.
    I can only bow… and with everything that is in me REJOICE!!! OH, WHAT A SAVIOR!

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