a John Piper from the past…

Check this dude out! 

No… not the picture with the funky wavy hair or the corduroy jacket (I think a had the same jacket when I graduated H.S. (1979) except in a lighter color.) but the drive which God put in his heart so early to dig in to the depths of God’s word so that 30+ years later, he could be a biblically grounded proclaimer of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the church and to missions and to the spiritually dull who had/have lost their way in the maze of church pews and programs.

I give honor and glory to God for letting me sit under this man’s preaching for the past 3 years, albeit from an mp3 player or computer screen or book.

enjoy this blog link below… it is my hope that you will be encouraged and trained by God’s word and by a godly man like John Piper or one of the other many faithful men of God that He has placed in your life.















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