True Repentance

A Doctrinal Introduction


I want to share a few words from Sinclair Ferguson’s book, The Christian Life, chapter 8 on True Repentance…







But this continuing repentance will also have a beginning which is related to it as the seed is to the fruit.  That seed is planted in us at regeneration when Christ’s death to sin begins to find a grip upon our hearts.  The paradox of spiritual growth is that as faith deepens and brings with it new levels of joy and assurance, so also repentance deepens, bringing ever more profound an awareness of our need of Christ.  The purpose of God is clear.  The more we sense our need the more we shall find our need met in Christ.  The more we find our need met in Christ the nearer we will come to him.  The nearer we come to him the more we will discover our hearts saying: ‘If you should mark my sins, Lord, I could not stand.  But there is forgiveness with you that you may be feared.’

This analysis of repentance impresses on us what a radical thing it always is.  It affects our emotions, but its influence extends to every aspect of our being and challenges us in our relationships with others as well as with God.  It is a mistake to think that we repent only once, at the beginning of the Christian life.  Repentance means the whole of life returning to the purposes of God.  Therefore it continues throughout our entire life.

I’m new to Sinclair B. Ferguson.  This is my first book read of something from this pastor/author.  I know I’m missing a lot of good stuff in this eighteen chapter book, but what I am getting is really feeding my soul.  I’m already planning to go through it again… perhaps with my son or maybe the whole family.

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