Christmas music blues… Who gets the glory?

It was a cold morning, this morning… I jumped into my truck and reached for my iPod to plug it into my fuzzy static-ridden fm transmitter (try and find a bandwidth in the NY/NJ tri-state area that isn’t blaring some form of something… I’ve found 107.1fm works in my little neck of the northern woods of NJ…yes!  we have ‘woods’ in NJ! 😉

Low battery… hmmm.  Okay, let’s be creative; you have a radio.  There are stations that play music… it’s Christmas… you like Christmas music!   So, I ran through a gamut of stations trying to find one I could enjoy.  I do like music, though I seem to have little time for it these days.  I guess I like words better and often the words in music are lost… either they aren’t very good or worth listening to or they are simply lost behind the instruments.  Well, it is Christmas and I have a boatload of songs I’ve heard and known through the years… let’s give it a listen and relax.

What I found was a lot of people competing to make their version of a great song their own… ‘here’s my style!  …listen to me.’  It’s no fun finding yourself pessimistic about Christmas two days before the big event.  So, today on the way to work and back I listened to Christmas music… country Christmas still gets my vote.  Even Allan Jackson comes off a lot more reverent of Jesus’ birthday than many of the top christian groups of the day.  I’ll even entertain Dolly Parton over some of the noise on the so-called christian radio station in my listening area.  So get on with it… enough complaining ;]

I sat down at my computer tonight actually looking to post a song from somewhere I knew I would hear good, sound, gospel-centered, cross-centered, Christ-centered christmas music… Sovereign Grace Music.  I actually posted one of my favorites, The Gospel Song, but it’s youtube protected… so another segment caught my eye and this is the one I pass on to you.  I’m not a musician, though I enjoy music… I can’t carry a tune, but I sing no matter…  Give a listen and let these thoughts ruminate in your heart as you prepare for 2010.

Merry Christmas friends.  Glory to God in the highest!  PEACE.

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2 Responses to Christmas music blues… Who gets the glory?

  1. mike ruel says:

    AMEN, Timmy! How could I not comment on a video of Bob K!

    Great points.

    Are we being faithful to the gospel even in our talents?

    To the Christian “celebrities” especially this must be difficult and I fear many have caved in to the pressures of fame and pride. (There’s that ugly 3 letter word again S-I-N).

    Praise God that he gave us a Redeemer!

  2. TimWitten says:

    few guys get to call me ‘timmy’ and live. 😉 we’ll see how you do…

    But, I’m with you… I love BobK’s focus on the gospel. And I really appreciate your praise to God for giving us.. US!!? a Redeemer, who is Christ the LORD.

    Grin, I skipped the christmas music today. But I couldn’t… wouldn’t miss out on the Word… its not seasonal… its Eternal! Blessings Mike.

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