nineteen years

A significant and wonderful blessing from God… nineteen years of marriage to Amanda Jane Abberley.  Thanks God.

And celebrating every Ground Hog Day brings a smile and makes it easy to remember.

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2 Responses to nineteen years

  1. robpeck says:

    I am happy for you and your bride brother! I pray that our sovereign God will give you many more if it be His will!

    P.S. I told her that you were taking her to the best restaraunt in town and that she should be expecting a big hunk of shinny rock to hang around her neck, that her loving husband would faithfully do all the house work for the next year and that he would also be sure to throw rose pedals where ever she may tread.

    Happy anniversary my friend!

  2. TimWitten says:

    Well Rob, if you told her all that she must be convinced by now that she’s married to some other dude. Dinner and shiny rocks and rose petals are good with me, but ‘all the house work for the next year’??! shoot me now. ; ]

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