Do you know how when you’ve got a great secret, or you know something really really huge, or you’ve just learned something wonderful… and you can’t keep it to yourself?  Where did that come from?  Where did that ‘desire’ to tell, share, proclaim come from?

“Today”… has been really cool and really different.  And, not just today.  Oh, and before I get off and running… realize that the mind that may have started a wee bit sharper this morning has spent a day at the job and is now… maybe… not as sharp 😉 you get the message, right?  (pretty much right now I’m just ruminatin’)

But, here is something I’ve noticed very recently and it just left me sort of puzzling.  I’ve been hearing things.  I ‘ve been hearing things that other people have been hearing.  Separately.  Distanced maybe by time, but not always.  Something God shares with me, He shares with someone else… sorta the same thing.  Something God prompts me to share, He prompts others to share too.  Maybe He does this all the time, but it just seems that I’ve seen it happening left and right.  And its not just that it may or may not be happening, but its that God is making sure I’m hearing the reiteration.

Is God the author of hinting?

I mean, think about it.  If you’re a dad or mom or older sibling… you know about giving hints; we love to do it!  You ‘lead’… ‘prepare’ someone  to receive information by highlighting things in an indirect manner.  Hints.  I’ll be honest… I’m just thinking aloud here; I haven’t done a concordance search on hinting to see if its biblical (shame on me).  But where did hinting come from?  Sadly, but notably, I recall the serpent… deceiving Eve… “did God really say?…”  But, where did the serpent get it?  He was not original, only God is the Alpha and Omega.

To the bottom line question… here’s what I’m chewing on.  Does God give his children hints?  Does God let us know… ‘get ready, I’m coming’?  Well, on one level, absolutely!  His word is clear.  And on another level… and hear this… ‘still consistent with God’s word’… does our Father… does our Brother… does our Comforter encourage us with wonderful words of life?   

Son, you are mine… I have loved you with an everlasting love.

Brother… hang on!  I’m coming quickly! 

and in the quiet power of the Holy Spirit… I hear God speak and my faith is strengthened and my hope is renewed.

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