Tozer v Lewis… and I’m talkin Jerry Lee

Can I be this diverse in my thoughts?

This morning, AW Tozer’s prayer captured my attention.  And now later in the day.. as I move through email, blogs and such, I travel a road from Johnny Cash to Jerry Lee Lewis and I am drawn to days much earlier… to my love of bluegrass, rockabilly, rock n roll of sorts… this day seems invaded by music.  But as a blogger… what is permissble to write about…  oh, and where did this Bela Fleck dude come from… play on friend… play on. (go ahead and call me redneck… or jazz… )  and catch the dude on the bass! 

and who could leave out ol Johnny C…

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5 Responses to Tozer v Lewis… and I’m talkin Jerry Lee

  1. Love it! That first vid by the Flecktones is fantastic. I could listen to that stuff all day I think. I’m a fan of Phil Keaggy, and here is an interesting connection between him and Bela Fleck – a song Keaggy wrote called “Bela” in which Phil uses a thin piece of plastic slid between his guitar strings over the sound hole to mimic the banjo sound . . .

  2. cjbooth85 says:

    The bass player is Victor Wooten and he has been called the greatest bass player…ever. Don’t know how ‘they’ gauge that, but he truly is great. My son plays bass and got to meet the band when they came…to…Rutland VT…really! (No one comes to Rutland)

    And did you see the drum machine? Called a ‘drumitar.’ Really. Google it.

  3. cjbooth85 says:

    oh yeah, and my son has video of the bald sax player playing two saxes at once…insane…

  4. TimWitten says:

    yeah, I’ve enjoyed a good number of youtube clips of Bela Fleck… good stuff.

    wrt Johnny Cash, I don’t recall if the clip in included is the one with the ‘paper’ in the strings of his guitar? He uses it to give the sound of a snare drum.

    gotta love the creativity of you musical types ;).

  5. cjbooth85 says:

    haha I can’t play anything or even really sing. But man I love music. One more thing to look ahead to in Heaven!!

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