Musical respite

I don’t think I had a clue how much I’ve missed music over the past few years.  Not that I haven’t heard anything in that time, but largely my time has been otherwise focused.  This weekend I seemed to have flipped a switch and some fond memories of music, musicians, voices, harmonies and such have come back in a wave.  I’ve spent some time here just listening and watching some of my favorite artists on YouTube. 

Mark O’Conner on the fiddle is something to behold.   [ ]  He and Chet  Atkins playing together is amazing.  And I even came across a video clip with both of them and Bela Fleck along with a few other great musicians having fun with their craft.

There are a few voices through the years that I’ve really appreciated too.  They don’t all sound the same or sing from one genre, but in each there’s a vocal quality that I just really enjoy.  As I was winding down tonight, I came across a song that’s ok, but the vocals  work for me… Vince Gill, Patty Loveless, and Ricky Skaggs.

And this harmony I heard back in Tyler, TX in the 80’s at the Oil Palace.  The concert included the Beach Boys and Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers and this is how the Gatlins closed out the night, as I think they mostly did with all their concerts.  Great harmony among brothers…

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