STOP… Enough already (appended)

STOP giving me “steps” to follow!

STOP telling me your opinions!

STOP including everyone into your half-hearted confessions.


STOP acting

STOP performing

START believing what you profess to believe. 

This, by God’s grace and enablement, will likely have its intended end. 

To glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

ADDED – I believe honesty of expression has a place in blogging.  I also believe confession and repentance must then also play a part.  This blog was my reaction to reading through some sermon notes which, frankly, grieved me.  So while my reaction/response are real… honest, they are not complete without turning to Jesus.  God is in control and I desire to embrace this more and more as I grow up in Christ.  I love that my God is Perfect and the rules perfectly over all… ALL!

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3 Responses to STOP… Enough already (appended)

  1. cjbooth85 says:

    Makes me think of Jon Foreman’s song, “Instead of a Show”

    Quoting from Amos 5 I think…

  2. TimWitten says:

    thanks Chris… that was both helpful and restoring. It allowed me to catch hold of my grieving and entrust myself to God… along with all the circumstances.

    I’m amazed sometimes at address of lyric to life.

  3. mike ruel says:

    wow. how did i miss this the first time?

    thanks…I feel better that you vented for me. 🙂

    -still praying….

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