Don’t Give In To Lust

I do a fair amount of reading, probably a lot less than I could or should.  I read various blogs and books and God’s Word is my pursuit of first priority.  I also listen to a lot of things.  Not often music anymore… though some.  I download a good number of sermons each week to consider as I drive here and there. 

I enjoy music, but it’s taken a lesser priority/role in my life these days; not so for my kids.  They love music and usually have something playing in their mp3’s or in the car.  My eldest son somehow got hooked on rap!  I know… go figure.  But as a dad who may not thrive on that genre, I love the rap that he listens to.  Its solid bible… God-glorifying… it preaches!  Lecrae is one of his favorites and I’m ok with that.  What I’ve seen taking place is the ‘influence’ of who he listens to and the ‘reproducing’ that is occuring in him. 

Luke has been doing a good bit of writing of his own.  I’ve been reviewing his Facebook notes and they are full of responses to God’s word and the culture he is living in.  I came across this today and want to post it here as well.  He may not be Lecrae, but he does write his own rap now and then….

Don’t give in to the pleasure of lust,
God has told us that this is a must,
use your body for God’s glory,
if you give into lust you will be sorry,
it will never go away,
like a filth you see everyday,
the world will tell you it’s no big deal,
it says do whatever it takes to satisfy yourself even steal,
don’t give in to the heavy pressure feeling,
just run from it the only escape is fleeing,
don’t try to stand up under the weight of temptation,
just flee from it all like you’re going on vacation,
remember your bodies aren’t made for sinful fun,
this is how you murdered God’s Son,
you should know sex is not a toy,
it wasn’t made for an unmarried thirteen year old boy,
God made it to be in between a man and his wife,
by the way marriage is for the rest of your life,
so why are you having sex when you’re only sixteen,
it’s devastating that you’re so unclean,
save yourself for your spouse and you will be blessed,
sex in the bounds of marriage is the best
Now if I could just get him to “bring it” with a ‘country’ sound. ; ]
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One Response to Don’t Give In To Lust

  1. cjbooth85 says:

    Hey, Luke, I love your song. Great job!!!!

    I really appreciate how hard it is for you, and for the (seemingly small number of) guys your age who have a shred of conscience about things like lust.

    It made me think of an article that CCM magazine wrote years ago about the guys who play in the girl-fronted band Superchic[k]. Now, Superchick is probably not your favorite style of music (they’re certainly not mine), but I really appreciated something about them: these guys talked about how hard it can be to be up on stage and see immodestly dressed girls wearing low-cut tops dancing in the front row. I hadn’t thought about it before and thought yeah, that would be really hard…especially considering this was supposed to be a ‘Christian’ concert!

    Anyway, I tried to find the article for you, but couldn’t find the exact one. I did find this other one, though, that kind of mentions the same thing about Superchick. Thought you might like it.

    Anyway, awesome job, Luke. I salute you for waging war against lust! In the words of Winston Churchill: “Never give up!”

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