The Star of Bethlehem

God, you are an AWESOME GOD!  Thank you.

Not too long ago, someone posted a youtube video on Facebook about the Star of Bethlehem.  I clicked on it and listened for a moment, figuring I would quickly move on to other things… but this really caught my attention.  When I finished watching the first 10 min segment or however long it was, I went looking for the next one on YouTube.  I found it and the others.  I watched one after the other.

I passed the information along to some men I trust and asked for their feedback.  I didn’t want to be fooled and I didn’t want to mislead anyone, but the truth is these video segments gave me information that just brought me to worship God in wonder.  One of the guys I asked to look it over is a high school science teacher who has been teaching some really good stuff at our church on Creation for the past few years on and off.  He ordered a copy of the dvd for the church library and I’m about to go watch it through again. 

Here’s an intro video and the web site.  It really is worth pursuing.  Enjoy.

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