This morning, totally undeserved… I am lost in wonder!  The gospel of Jesus Christ surrounds and embraces me.  Grace is everywhere I look this morning.  I am undone… God’s mercy is amazing.


Believer… look up!  your Redemption draws near.  Look up and know that all you have is Christ.  Jesus Christ IS your life… not your problems, not your idols, not anything but Jesus Christ… Christ in you the HOPE of glory.  Be lost in His mercy… be lost in His love.

Unbeliever… look up!  Look to Jesus Christ who is your only eternal Hope.  Obey Him… He calls you to repent (turn from yourself… your sin..) and believe in Him… Who He is… what He did for you in love, dying the necessary death in your place, paying the eternal debt of your sin so that you might stand forgiven before God the Father and that by His grace and mercy alone.  Call on His name and be saved… go ahead and ask Him!   be loved and adopted eternally into His family.  Jesus paid it all… repent and believe. 

Lord Jesus Christ, we surrender all… do your work in our hearts.  Amen.

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