Where can any man go but to the LORD

This week for me has been another full and challenging week.  I don’t regret it and I don’t think its anything more to bear than the week that any man faces.  In reality it is nothing compared  to what many face each day.

This week, I’ve considered death, sickness and heartache; right alongside of life, health and rejoicing.

A friend saw the wife of his youth ushered into the presence of Jesus Christ.  This has given me pause to appreciate my own incredible wife.

My body has submitted a few painful complaints this week and I am reminded of the curse of sin and I rejoice in the hope of glory!

I’ve struggled in my soul to understand why we all let sin take us where it does.  Why do we think that we (man) can bring something to the table that does not originate with God?  His counsels are perfect and all-sufficient for life and godliness. 

Where should we go but to the Lord.

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