Zeal… Passion… Opposition

My  background as I think and write is a newer friend’s recent blog post… Rich Mullens “Hold Me Jesus”.    Chris’s life has seen much of the love of Jesus Christ, I encourage you to click the link and go there for a bit.

As I enter a welcome weekend there seems alot to process.  I’m sorta glad for the quietness at home.  Just me and my #2 son Mark.  I wish you knew Mark; you would be blessed.  Haha.. he, right or wrong, was crowned as our ‘what were you thinking?!’ son.  He’s the best!  He has always had a smile about him… he is gentle but leads well, athletic but not an athlete, thoughtful without abstraction, a valiant protector of the underdog.  I’m often wondering, what have I missed in this young man?  His unassuming way and his place in the line of our family makes him the prime candidate to overlook… but I don’t.  I love this boy of mine; his warmth and humor can pull me out of my introspection with haste.  He loves… and appreciates being loved.  He reminds me of Jesus.  That’s my Mark.

But, I had a target as I began this blog.  I’ve been listening to a sermon titled ‘Uncommon Zeal’.  It brings much out from the Word of God… from the Gospel according to Mark and from Numbers!  yes… from Numbers 25.  What can come from Numbers about zeal?!  Well… I would give you strong encouragement to go and listen.  I will do my part in making it as accessible as possible, but you must do the ‘seeking’.

Here’s a question I’m asking myself as I consider how I might stir you up to engage with God’s word through His servants… “do I make a big noise…commotion…stir… in order to get their attention or do I simply make it accessible and trust the Spirit of God to do His work in us?  I guess you see my point.  I don’t believe in making fusses.  I believe in proclaiming… lighting the lamp on a hill… calling out…  but I do leave it to the Holy Spirit of God to do what I never could and never would do… to give Life.

Here is a link.  While I wish I could set it up to simply click and listen… I can’t, but going to this site will accomplish the same thing… Go!  listen.  http://www.westshorefree.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=843&Itemid=1398  look for the sermon by Nate Winters by the name of ‘Uncommon Zeal’ , dated May 15, 2010

Go.. listen to the Word of God proclaimed.

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4 Responses to Zeal… Passion… Opposition

  1. I have published a book called The Stages OF Me: A Journey Of Chronic Illness Turned Inside Out ~ I am hoping it reaches those who it may help in some way~ feel free to ask me about it here http://kathyhenderson.wordpress.com/ or for more information on the Book The stages Of Me see the following link to business page on FB http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Stages-Of-Me/177152682317454
    I appreciate any opinions on the book and hope to generate a conversation after people read it ~ I feel this book is a ministry and would love to share it ~ Peace friends

  2. TimWitten says:

    funny… I don’t get many new voices here on this blog, but you didn’t come in blazing craziness and you did use a few words that could create a conversation… so here we go. I am glad for you comment and hope it goes somewhere good.

    First, “OF” of is alll caps… why? Second, Me… are we looking into ‘me-centered’ solutions? Third, hoping it helps? Is the hope in their ‘hearing’ it or is your ‘hope’ that is has redeeming value to any who hear it?

    That’s a start… look forward to hearing from you again. Blessings!

  3. Hi thanks for the reply. I must have forgotten to mention I am the queen of typos. In the real title the of is not all caps. The book is a journey my journey. I am quite ill so putting it into words was and at times is difficult, depending on how I feel. Today I am a few days from a treatment so I run out of juice. After my treatment I am much better, less tired, not as weak. The hoping part is truly a wish from my gut that my book reaches people and families struggling with chronic illness. See I am not a blogger. I am learning as my publisher encourages this forum to let people talk about the book. I do like to honestly share with people though. The book is doing fair on sites like barnes and noble. For me it is not about the book but more about helping people who just have lost their faith in the fight to stay alive. I believe this book was placed on my heart and I followed the lead of the Holy Spirit to complete it. This whole world of communication is new to me. I spent most of my life just taking care of people as a therapist. Now to be on the other side I do my best to stay positive and to share that with others. I questioned this book many times, but each time God answered with it is not about you. It is about all the ME’s in the world trusting in Jesus to get them through. Blessing back to you ~

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