Rhema Soul – Boombox ??

Yo, yo, yo… this is what I face on a Friday night.  My son likes rap…  and (oh man..) dare I say it… ‘hiphop’… of sorts.   (and if you’ve visited here somewhat frequently, you know this doesn’t blend well with some of my ol favorites ;)… aka GVB.

Now… groan with me as you may (or laugh)… this boy of mine is tied to the Word!  Thank you God for your grace.  He has found solid instruction from the Word through men of God… maybe not like Charles Spurgeon or George Whitfield… maybe not like A. W. Tozer or A. W. Pink or a Martin Lloyd Jones… BUT!  He is listening to his culture!  Yes.. his culture… not mine.  He doesn’t sit at my desk… he doesn’t sit in my truck.. he doesn’t necessaily hear all that I hear.  But he hears and considers the Word of God.  In his music based world he listens to the ‘sermon jams’ of John Piper, Mark Driscoll, Alistair Begg, Ravi Z, and others.  He is catching from the previous generation.. but maybe not like you and I do.

My job is to listen too.  And… that isn’t always easy, or welcome, or convenient.  BUT, it’s still my responsibility to engage with him and for the sake of the Gospel.  This morning I sent him out with two printed pages from AW Pink’s ‘Attributes of God; the Solitariness of God’ .  ( http://www.pbministries.org/books/pink/Attributes/attributes.htm ).  What’s cool about this is that another godly man had loaned him the same book and encouraged him to read and consider!  I love when other godly men look out for my boys; this is the Church in active obedience.

So… I’ve delayed it as long as I can… here it is.  YouTube and lyrics.  Consider with me… good?  or bad?  How do I glorify God in all of this?

K-Nuff verse:

Jam it in your boom box, your boy is like Tupac
But I’m ah live forever through Christ not music
We do rock a few spots but warning
You will get your doo rocked while we are performing
So take caution
You’re absorbing enormous, exhausting
Incredible Hulk, Ed Norton, frequencies
Frequently exalting deep received, Jesus peace, without the charm and necklace
I’m reckless, and I’m in a certain state of mind
So with a head as big as mine thoughts are like Texas
And it’s as if we do it for the “hoo rah”
Even though the crowd “oooh oooooh’s” like doo wop
Nah, because at the beginning and the end it remains
We did it, we do it, have done it, to tell of His name
Like wings and leers and Jets,
Bringing the noise up in your ear your brain begets…that’s me

Juanlove verse:

Crank the boom box till the tune rocks like gems
And we moonwalk on a Thriller night because I’m in
And I’m able like Clark Gable to win
Get the mic from out the tool box and the record spins
Don’t ever let the boom stop, let the needle play
It’s like a mother hen watching over two flocks
Frito Lay bakes the chips Juanlove cooks the verbals
The audio dispersals, they chase cheese like a hundred Urkels
A reversal is where it’s at. See the word of God sent me so I’m on the map
I’m on the blocks like rats, in the books like stats
Banging beats with raps sharper than spiked bats
In the year of the fog this Rhema Soul thing reigns
Some vintage Nike’s and a new King James
Ingenuity and relevance the common aim
Its due time for the gospel to take precedence so let it bang

Butta P verse:

Turn up the volume pump it up a little louder
The bass is thumpin and rippin; we ain’t even pluggin power
Let me devour all the haters and cowards
Who say my faith is lame and I believe in something sour
I walk in his power, we’re in the final hour
So for me to make believe the seeds I sow won’t flower
Will be like Jack Baur dying in the line of fire
And how I can I retire when Christ hasn’t expired
So let’s blow the whistle, may his name be lifted higher
Turn me up a little bit, grown folks to little kids
Who are we kidding when this music really needs to hit
Home when we’re bringing it, yeah I see you listening
But don’t stop the music when I know you’re really felling it
You’re chilling with the coolest kids, showing how we really live
A boom box banger I’m in the mood for something ignorant
Don’t front like you ain’t interested
Just come with us and kick it, kid

What is central in my message?   What is central in your message?

Don’t front like you ain’t interested
Just come with us and kick it, kid

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