What the Gospel Demands… Radical

I’m just starting to listen to David Platt… I will be a Berean… as we always should, but there is an immediate and strong affinity for the Word he is preaching with gospel clarity.

We’ve all experienced the sales pitch to “accept Jesus”… and we all know two things.  There’s something completely counterfeit in that pathetic approach that doesn’t even offer Jesus himself, but rather the “goods” you can get if you take the package deal.  The second thing we know is it’s a safe deal to “accept” it and we do… because it doesn’t cost us a thing… not really.  We still love ourselves and serve ourselves and Jesus… well, he’s just part of the package deal that helps us feel good about our future while we take our worldly pleasure in the present.  No worries, He’s all about the love anyway… right?

We know it’s a lie… and we take the bait anyway.  Hook, line, and sinker.

The “real” Jesus doesn’t have to be sold or marketed.  He calls and we follow.  He gives us life and we live.  He loves us and we love Him.  He leads and we follow.  Radical!

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