tumultuous thoughts

We all face daily realities and we get pretty comfortable assuming what will happen today… and tomorrow… and the next day.  We get into this groove… and we respond accordingly.  We may hear of a need… a prayer request… a something or other… and so we’ll adjust slightly to ‘manage’ the bump in the road.  BUT, mostly… we live on autopilot… with streams of info/reality feeding into our day to day.

Are we ready for the CRASH!!  Can we respond to the CATASTROPHE!!????  Today we say hi and goodbye, but what about the news that breaks before our next day is on the horizon??  DOES…. GOD… KNOW… BEST?

Am I allowed to ask these questions of my Maker… He is the potter.  I, the clay.  I’m just a lump of earth matter… may I ask God… the Creator of All Things.. why He did what He did?

…I can, and boldly so.  I do, and without reservation.  I don’t expect I’ll understand all that He does, but I believe in a God who IS God, and not a man.  He is ‘other’ than me.  He is GOD.

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One Response to tumultuous thoughts

  1. Boy I’ve really been learning (or trying to learn) this lesson lately…that I simply don’t know what’s around the bend (although I DO know what’s at the end 🙂 ), and my neat and tidy little plans very seldom stay that way. But I’m figuring out that it’s OK, because God holds my life in His hands, and He plots my course.

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