“Prayerlessness is the fruit of the dying tree of indifference & apathy. Its roots drink the deadly streams of self-sovereignty & self glory.”

Retrace the steps necessary for this quote by Erik Raymond [ ]…

The fruit… prayerlessness.

From… a dying tree of indifference and apathy.

Why… its roots drink the deadly streams of self-sovereignty and self-glory.

 [13 ] You said in your heart,
  ‘I will ascend to heaven;
 above the stars of God
  I will set my throne on high;
 I will sit on the mount of assembly
  in the far reaches of the north;
 [14 ] I will ascend above the heights of the clouds;
  I will make myself like the Most High.’
(Isaiah 14:13-14 ESV)

Self-sovereignty… Self-glory…

It is amazing, but no surprise to see the same pursuits of Lucifer… Satan… manifested in what will take us far from God.

Prayerlessness…  we should have an excruciating alarm set up to warn us when we begin to govern our lives as kings rather than slaves.

(this quote, which was told to me at a recent men’s retreat strongly lodged in my thoughts.  I had to go back and chase it down with my brothers up north, but I didn’t want to lose the sober message in this quote that I am desparately concerned that I will/have fall prey to… prayerlessness.

Where should I go but to the Lord?

(I really don’t know why I keep defaulting to southern gospel songs… I don’t even remember listening to them  ; )

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One Response to Prayerlessness…

  1. adkkid1973 says:

    I see that quote a couple of times a week and have very similar thoughts. I don’t know if you follow Erik Raymond’s blog or not but it is worth a look!

    I have been trying to put his name on Pastor’s mind as of late for a future mens conference.

    Miss you bro!

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