…bathroom window canvas

I’m still without any real words to explain God’s grace and wonder, having gotten up this morning to find this masterpiece created by God on my bathroom window.  I know we often miss God’s majesty because of our many distractions and self-centered thinking, but today… God removed the scales and gave me another glimpse.

God's Handiwork

Ineffable Glory

Transcendent Glory

Glory to God

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2 Responses to …bathroom window canvas

  1. Fantastic! Glory to God indeed 🙂

  2. TimWitten says:

    Blaine, I thought of you when I was posting this picture… I took it with my cell phone ;(, but even with that, the details are perceivable. Mostly, I just stood there in the cold bathroom and looked at this incredible creative work on display right before me. Wow! (I wonder how many such displays I miss?)

    I’ve appreciated your eye for taking photos of God’s beauty all around us. I’ve got this one as my background to constantly remind me of His love and power… glory to God indeed! 🙂

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