Acts 2:45 …all things in common

I suppose one way I could comment on my blog is simply to highlight a need I am aware of…

 And all who believed were together and had all things in common.   (Acts 2:44 ESV)

This one is concerning a wonderful brother from Hungary that I met several summers ago and have enjoyed fellowship with over the past several years.  His heart is for the people of Hungary… that they would know Jesus Christ.  He is studying and preparing for that very purpose.  He is currently a student at Master’s College and while he always seems to find an on campus job to help pay his bills, he is basically praying his way through school and trusting God to work through the church.  And there are those who God is raising up in the church to be faithful to Himself and God is using the resources of others to supply the need for this man.  While many of us make or have made our way through college through the help of family… this just isn’t possible for Marton.  His family in Hungary have very limited resources. 

  So, for whatever reason this is on my heart today… I would like to introduce you to Márton Csiha.

Now, how do I do that?  Well, here is his blog, marci blogja, though often enough I can’t read it because my Hungarian is not very good (non-existent really).   He is also available to contact on Facebook  and Twitter.  I recognize that this post is likely intended for one or a few that God is already preparing to respond to this need… and that is something that I rejoice in.  I don’t have to make it happen, but I do want to joyfully obey what God lays on my heart to do. 


This morning I was brought to thinking about my brother Marci when I saw a facebook post of his of a great youtube music video which I’ll insert below.  It’s a redo of Rich Mullins’  ‘Creed’  by Third Day and Brandon Heath (really good).  When I remember Rich Mullins I remember a good song writer/singer… a brother in Christ… but especially I remember getting a glimpse of a true follower of Christ whose heart was for the Gospel and he demonstrated that through his music, but also in his reaching out to those within our own shores… the American Indian.  Marci has a God-placed hunger for God and  for His name to be made known in the country of Hungary… his homeland.  May God’s word go forth and not return void.   

Enjoy this video… and pray for Marton Csiha.  Blessings.

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