Dressing with the Gospel in view

Believe it or not… warmer weather is around the corner.  

I just found a very helpful blog post that includes considering how to dress in view of the Gospel…  Still Considering Modesty.
“The gospel offers us the power to change as well.  We do not have to live in the old practices.  I once said “everyone has a sexual agenda.”  Everyone has an agenda for their sexuality.  It could be unlimited expression, spiritual anorexia or something in between.  The gospel gives us the power to bring our sexuality back under God’s agenda for us.  He works in us to put the desires of our fallen nature to death.”
“Woman have to realize that men are inordinately attracted to women, and that the more you reveal by tight clothing and missing fabric the more they will stare, glare and violate you in their minds.  You offer them fuel for their fantasies, so you are BOTH to blame if you are immodest.”
While this quote above highlights how a woman is dressing… there is no missing how guys are dressing to bring attention to themselves inappropriately as well.  Immodesty will show itself well beyond how we dress… it shows in how we live as well.
Having four children of my own that are facing this reality everyday… I hope I do my best as a parent along with you, doing your best, to help our youth rather than providing for their enticement. 
“My son, if sinners entice you, do not consent.”  Proverbs 1:10  (a verse I was encouraged to memorize back in my youth group days.  Thanks Tom, Ruth, Bryce, Marty)
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One Response to Dressing with the Gospel in view

  1. Good stuff. I’m afraid it’s easy to get “used to” the way everyone around is dressing and carelessly disregard the type of clothing we put on.

    (I like the new blog look – like a nice leather journal!)

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