Hard to ignore this economy, don’t you THINK?

I hate budgets… church budgets, work budgets, personal budgets; take them and do what you will and I will be grateful.  I’m generally a spender and glad to be one.  God gave me a great wife who balances me… though perhaps to her quiet frustration.

I mostly like to speak about God and His word on this blog… I might post a music video now and again that I ‘ve enjoyed and been blessed by, and often enough I’ll repost someone else’s blog…

But lately… and tonight, I can’t ignore the reality of current events… the economy… what lies ahead.  Understand, I am not fearful… but I am desiring to be prudent and wise.  My God is sovereign over all.

My hope?   Always and forever in Jesus Christ and in who He is and what He did for me.  He saved me.  He did it personally… and He did it for many more than me… publically, historically, bodily, and eternally.  He took my place and gave Himself to pay the penalty I owed for my sin… My hope will ALWAYS be in the Cross and the Ressurection of Jesus Christ, God’s Son.  My Savior is seated with God the Father and HE reigns as King of kings and Lord of lords.  This reality is key and of first importance over and against anything else that appears on this blog.

Back to the economy.  Truly, I know little in this area.  I want to be prudent and wise.  I want to provide for my family and I want to stand as their protector.  But… what I am hearing doesn’t sound too good.

So, I’m taking a different tact here and simply expressing my thoughts and concerns in limited manner and hoping that you…and others who you might send to this blog would have some good sound counsel to offer.

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3 Responses to Hard to ignore this economy, don’t you THINK?

  1. rachelrooke says:

    wow! I guessed my log in and I was right! Woo-hoo! I’m looking forward to your thoughts here. And say Amen to the 4th paragraph! 🙂

  2. TimWitten says:

    yeah… the 4th paragraph is really the anchor of importance here.

    But, I’m wondering how many folks have become ostrich’s with their heads buried to current and progressing realities. I have missed alot simply due to some level of distraction, but I’m not shoving my head in the sand either.

    I’m wondering about some of the more practical realities that are going to hit us square in our ‘realities’ and thinking that folks in and outside of the church as simply not preparing for more challenging times.

    My hope in this blog is to maybe get some good solid commentary from others more steeped in economics and what we can be paying attention to and preparing for in some prudent fashion.

  3. TimWitten says:

    Some voices I’m listening to that are new to me… Jim Sinclair, Ron Paul, Meredith Whitney, Gerald Celente, Martin Armstrong… what seems to be missing is some solid biblically grounded men giving any knowledgeable and reasoned thoughts on current events and the economy. It’s likely I’m just missing who they are… so feel free to enlighten me 😉

    We know our country is in heavy debt, but what about us, the individual? If, or when the economy crashes, how is personal debt going to impact us and what does being debt-free mean in a poor economy? Even without debt, the tax burden alone could bankrupt any of us if we don’t have a job/income.

    What are your thoughts on tax revolt? Is there a responsible way to push-back on our elected officials to start the ball rolling, rather than waiting until we are up to our necks in the mess it appears is coming wrt our economy.

    How are you preparing to provide help to your family and those around you?

    I don’t have alot of answers (…some, basic ones) but there are some questions I’m trying to get answers to. Feel free to comment or offer additional resources.

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