Sit at the Fountain (John Owen)

This posted quote from John Owen encourages me with renewed delight and discipline to ‘sit at the Fountain’ more diligently and frequently, especially in the middle of all else that would call out for my affections each precious remaining day.

Sit At The Fountain

Many saints have no greater burden in their lives, than that their hearts do not come clearly and fully up, constantly to delight and rejoice in God ;—that there is still an indisposedness of spirit unto close walking with him. What is at the bottom of this distemper? Is it not their unskilfulness in or neglect of this duty, even of holding communion with the Father in love? So much as we see of the love of God, so much shall we delight in him, and no more. Every other discovery of God, without this, will but make the soul fly from him; but if the heart be once much taken up with this the eminency of the Father’s love, it cannot choose but be overpowered, conquered, and endeared unto him. This, if any thing, will work upon us to make our abode with him.

If the love of a father will not make a child delight in him, what will? Put, then, this to the venture: exercise your thoughts upon this very thing, the eternal, free, and fruitful love of the Father, and see if your hearts be not wrought upon to delight in him. I dare boldly say, believers will find it as thriving a course as ever they pitched on in their lives. Sit down a little at the fountain, and you will quickly have a farther discovery of the sweetness of the streams. You who have run from him, will not be able, after a while, to keep at a distance for a moment.

– John Owen –

(from Of Communion With God, volume 2 of Works, pages 35-36)

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3 Responses to Sit at the Fountain (John Owen)

  1. rachelrooke says:

    I just came home from a Bible Study last night where no one brought a Bible but me. No scripture was ever talked about. They just sat around and talked about all their hardships. I know there is a place for that, but…..if only they drew closer to God and focused on him for that hour. I wonder how different the conversation would go! Our homework for the week was to be kind to someone at a store that looked stressed. hmmmmm……

  2. TimWitten says:

    Hi Rachel, similarly we went to a friend’s church recently and found ‘no bibles’ essentially. I was greatly encouraged that the pastor had a Bible on the pulpit and that he referred to it in ways to point the listener to its importance, but the majority of folks we observed did not find the Bible important to the worship services. Am I not hearing and seeing that God’s Word must be central to all that I look to for Hope and help?

  3. This is beautiful and so true! I love the urgency for God that the Puritans had. It gives me the swift kick I need to move out of my complacency.

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