humble servant leadership

Today I watched my pastor humbly stand as a representative for the past forty years of our church leadership and confess and repent for various sins on their part including lack of willingness to confront and deal with sin and a lack of shepherding, among several historical sins.  He asked for forgiveness from the body and also sought their prayers on the behalf of the elders as they move forward in shepherding the church.  He has only been the leading undershepherd for one year… and what a difference the past year has seen by the grace of God.

I am humbled and thankful.

This evening, another faithful brother/elder brought God’s word to God’s people… and similarly, I am humbled, thankful, and instructed by God’s word through Paul to the Colossians… what a beautiful letter with a resounding Christ-centered foundation, through and through.

I am grateful to God that He raises up men to faithfully preach His Word, unencumbered with all the distracting trappings man might add.

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