The best is yet to come!

The Best, the best is yet to come when the glory of the Son shines on the redeemed around His throne. 

The Best, the best is yet to come when all is said and done and joy eternal fills His daughters and sons.

Today, in the ‘sweet and bitter providence’ that thematically runs through each of our lives, I am enjoying the sweet grace of God and His goodness of an unhurried morning to read and listen and think.  Beginning with God’s Word… to solid blog-posted thoughts and responses gifted by a revealing Holy Spirit… to lyrics of music… to well-considered words in a book reflecting on the Truth – Truth that offers both pleasant and eternal encouragements and bitter realities that painfully chip away at our attachments to this life and self-will.

As I consider the different thoughts that have been stirred up in my mind this morning and trying to find the rocks I can stand on, one straightforward and obvious takeaway is that God has ordained a great Salvation and that it is grounded in justification, continued in sanctification and completed in glorification

Am I well-grounded in His justification?  His work of justification isn’t impacted by my ‘grounding’, but I am.  If I don’t understand and believe what God has said and done, then are my feet actually planted on His firm foundation? And looking ahead, I need to consider how my understanding/faith in justification impacts my sanctification.  Lord, please bring me to greater understanding and deep-rooted faith in what you have accomplished through the Cross.

Am I committed to His sanctification of me  …and His church?  Do I believe and desire sanctification according to how God has said He will bring it about in me?  When something happens that knocks me right off my spiritual feet, and leaves me less than thankful, less than joyful, less than content to receive all things as from God’s hand… what does this reveal to me about my faith, both my desire and response to keep trusting in a really BIG God?  And, more recently, here is a question I am wrestling through (my response to), do I believe and desire sanctification according to how God has said He will bring it about in others? How am I responding to those around me in whom God is working?  Do I judge and reject them? Do I dismiss them as my enemies or in some lesser degree, do I push away from them because they are difficult for me to be around or maybe their circumstances leave me unsettled? (How would I have responded to a William Cowper?)  Is God’s work of sanctification in others something that causes rejoicing in me or do I have a short-sighted selfish view and simply get annoyed with them or find their lives too difficult or too messy?  In looking ahead, I need to see what God has accomplished in my justification and my glorification with unbreakable context to my sanctifcation; there is no stepping around or over this process that God has ordained to bring Him the greatest glory, and me… the greatest good.  Lord, please answer Paul’s prayer (Phil 1:9-11) in me,  And it is my prayer that your love may abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment, so that you may approve what is excellent, and so be pure and blameless for the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of God.

Am I looking forward to His glorification?  YOU BET!!!  Come soon, Lord Jesus! 🙂

Below, I’m including two things that I came across today.  The first a few lyrics from a new group I never heard of before (I linked their site to the song title).  One of their songs played significantly into my thoughts this morning.  The second is a short video clip that I hope will be a blessing in its brief message and perhaps where it may take you.

The Best Is Yet To Come:

The night before the day breaks

The labor pain that brings in the new born

The storm before the calm comes

The war before peace come marching in


The slave who longs for freedom

The fall before the rise to victory

The bud before the blossom

The cross before the tomb was found empty

Life is filled with trouble

But God will make sure that we overcome

And Life is just a vapor

But God has said the best is yet to come


The Best, The best is yet to come

When the glory of the Son

Shines on the redeemed around His throne

The Best, The best is yet to come

When all is said and done

and joy eternal fills His daughters and sons

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