political/economical sorting… as a Christian

When I started this blog I had a few things in mind but no certain boundaries.  For sure, my center is Christ and from that center, I’m being challenged to consider how I can be the gospel in more ways than some would consider. 

Today, for instance, having some preparedness to help neighbors in need due to the east coast hurricane Irene.  It was a small but open door.  But we have much greater things facing us than hurricane Irene and most don’t seem to be considering we have christian/gospel responsibilities in all areas of life. 

So, again, today another item caught my attention and I’ll post it here for my recall and your opportunity…

To date I’ve remained aloof from Ron Paul, but not for what he says mostly… just observing the mainstream.  And since I’ve found a reasoned and better way than listening to the mainstream (thanks to the internet), I’m giving a listen to many who aren’t offered regularly on CNN and FOX (though they are still useful media sources, though neither fair or balanced).

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One Response to political/economical sorting… as a Christian

  1. I agree; the MSM leaves a lot to be desired, even (especially?) the “fair and balanced” outlets. Great blog! Well thought out, well written. I like that it is intelligent and Christ-centered. I look forward to perusing it more.

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